This project focuses on sponsoring children to attend School in Tianyar, Bali, Indonesia.  In the Indonesia public school system, students and families must pay a tuition and supply their own uniforms and books.  Students also must travel a fair distance from their homes to attend which often requires them to hire a local vehicle for transport to school.

In the Tianyar, Karangasem Region of Bali is very, very dry; there are no rice fields and no luxury hotels provide revenue for the locals.  The local Balinese in the area make a living through palm sugar and palm wine production.  During the wet season they group corn and peanuts to survive.

Through Donations we will allow these children to attend school and enhance their futures with education.  We currently sponsor children from Elementary through High Schools, which is the key diploma for a good job and a launching point for the rest of their lives.

Bali Children's Education Project

Children Sponsored