The Bali Project is managed by the Buynak Foundation, Todd and Niluh Merta Buynak. Nilluh is from Tianyar, Karangasem, Bali and Todd is From Santa Barbara, California.  They met each other while Todd was travelling through Bali on a surf trip and buying handicrafts for a friend’s business in 2006.  After meeting Niluh Todd ended up staying in Bali for 6 months to be with her and they now have Four children and reside in Santa Barbara full time.

Upon visiting Merta’s village in Tianyar, Todd realized that the region and village needed help.  After meeting with Niluh’s cousin Gede Sudartha and discussing ideas, they came up with the Bali Project.

Gede Sudartha is the Bali Project manager and assists with helping people in the region and village.

Buynak Family – Santa Barbara


Bali Project Manager – Gede Sudartha

Gede Sudartha  Bali Manager