Back to Bali!

It’s been a long three years since we’ve been to Bali, Looking forward to heading back and helping the Children of Bali.  We will be leaving the US at the end of July and spending 4 weeks there.


Village Update – November 9, 2015

Life In Buluh, Tianyar, Karangasem Bali continues as it did many generations before.  This time of the year is an important and busy time since it is the end of the dry season and everyone is preparing the fields for the upcoming rains and farming season.  Families will be clearing the land, tilling soil, and spreading cow manure to grow corn and peanuts. There are no tractors, no store bought Fertilizers or Pesticides and everyone helps, from the oldest to the youngest; their survival depends on it.

Besides mobile phones and a few televisions, the village is very similar to what it was 20 years ago; however the visible difference today can be seen in a few Children dressed in school uniforms leaving early in the morning to attend school.

If you are able to make a donation for upcoming holiday seasons, please think of the Balinese Children of Buluh; they need your support.

Here’s a few photos taken last week.




P_20151107_074126     P_20151108_103701



Student Update

The Bali Children’s Education Project continues to move forward with the grace of our donors, however funds are running short, if you have any means of donating moneys to help continue these children’s education, it would be greatly appreciated.  For further information please contact me.

Om Suastiastu!

Todd Buynak.

Children Seeking Donation to Continue their Education

Children Seeking Donation to Continue their Education

Balinese Classroom

Balinese Classroom

Discussing School with Western Visitor

Discussing School with Western Visitor

image 6

Living in Remote Balinese Village

These are photos from a typical family house in the region where we are helping people.  The structures house and support 3 generations of this family.  The Grandparents raise cows, pigs and process palm juice to make palm sugar and palm wine.  The Father climbs trees to harvest the palm juice and the Mother is a seamstress.  The children stay home and will attend school if or when the parents can raise enough money.


IMG_0268  IMG_0271 IMG_0272 IMG_0273 IMG_0274 IMG_0276 IMG_0277 IMG_0279 IMG_0285 IMG_0291 IMG_0293 IMG_0301 IMG_0302 IMG_0304 IMG_0306 IMG_0311 IMG_0315 IMG_0317 IMG_0320 IMG_0328

View From Bunut Village

Bali is a Beautiful Place worth preserving. Here we are at the top of Bunut Village looking at Lake Batur , Bali’s Biggest Lake.

On the ocean side of this mountain range there is no water, a desert with no running streams and quite hot. Lake Batur a huge body of water and cooler temperatures.  A big contrast in climate in such a small space, Bali Never stops delivering surprises.